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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of cantle.


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  • The high-cantled saddle of her dun pushed her bulky Aiel skirts high enough to bare her stockinged legs to the knee, but SIEGE

    Knife of Dreams

  • But the fellow returned with a dark mare bearing a high-cantled saddle.

    Knife of Dreams

  • One of the younger women, Marewin, slight and little more than a girl, swayed in her high-cantled saddle as if she might faint.

    Lord of Chaos

  • Siuan and Leane wasted no time scrambling into their high-cantled saddles, Leane onto the gray mare she called Moonflower, Siuan onto Bela, the short, shaggy mare.

    The Fires of Heaven

  • It was no trouble at all putting his high-cantled saddle on and lashing his saddlebags and blanket roll behind.

    The Shadow Rising

  • Egwene let herself drop down in the high-cantled saddle, and smoothed her skirts in a gesture of impatience.

    The Dragon Reborn

  • The big bay danced as Rand tied his saddlebags and bundle behind the high-cantled saddle.

    The Great Hunt

  • In a long line they came, with variegated sails of orange, red, and saffron, curiously chequered at the corners, and cantled with devices in contrasted tints.

    New Italian sketches


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