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  • n. The start of the ninth hour of the day in both the 12-hour and the 24-hour clock; 8:00.


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  • So that while Wallace was imbibing his first lessons in Socialism at 14 years of age, Darwin at 16 found himself merely enduring, with a feeling of disgust, Dr. Duncan's lectures, which were “something fearful to remember,” on materia medica at eight o'clock on a winter's morning, and, worse still, Dr. Munro's lectures on human anatomy, which were “as dull as he was himself.”

    Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences

  • About eight o'clock the said Justice issued his Warrant, directed to Mr Welch, High Constable, who apprehended the said Actors and brought them before the said Justice, who out of compassion to their Youth only bound them over to their good behaviour.

    Henry Fielding A Memoir

  • At eight o'clock comes the clinical lecture of Ringseis.

    Louis Agassiz His Life and Correspondence

  • It was a Mig-21 in about a 40-degree dive approaching me from above in my eight o'clock position.

    Thud Ridge

  • In the morning I must rise at five o'clock to attend prayers and, immediately after, recitation; then I must breakfast and begin to study from eight o'clock till eleven; then recite my forenoon's lesson which takes me an hour.

    Letters and Journals 01

  • "Come on, children, we're going to be late," Laila calls, putting their lunches in a paper bag-It's eight o'clock in the morning.

    A Thousand Splendid Suns

  • Nonetheless, at eight o'clock in the evening, here was Taylor Lockwood, sitting in a large swivel chair at the base of the U, the chair Donald Burdick reserved for himself.

    Mistress of Justice

  • Hemming, who was eating a hamburger, said, "If it's not illegal and not dangerous and if you agree to go to the opera with me a week from Saturday at eight o'clock sharp, I'd be happy to oblige."

    Mistress of Justice

  • The stories already published, vague and contradictory as they were, had boosted the sale of tickets for the Grand Ball in aid of the National League for the Care of Incurables beyond her expectations, and the final announcement circulated to the press by the unwilling Mr Ullbaum caused a flurry of last-minute buying that had the private ballroom hired for the occasion jammed to overflowing by eight o'clock on the evening of the twentieth.

    The Saint on Guard

  • As I swung slightly to the north to double back and recheck, I called my element and told them to help me check the development thoroughly, and at the same time I spotted six big fat loaded trucks back at my eight o'clock position.

    Thud Ridge


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