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  • Misticer Mist*icer Noun

    1. Man who freezes the mist; syn: Old Man Winter. The Misticer is there, look! He’s freezing the mist. Hurray!


    Circa 2012. Modern English < Compound of O.E. mist "dimness, mist" (Earliest in compounds, such as misthleoðu "misty cliffs," wælmist "mist of death"), from P.Gmc. *Mikhstaz (cf. M.L.G. mist,Icelandic mistur), from PIE *migh-/*meigh- (cf. Gk. omikhle, O.C.S. migla, Skt. mih, megha "cloud, mist") and icer O.E. is "ice," from P.Gmc. *isa- (cf. O.N. iss, O.Fris. is, Du. ijs, Ger. Eis), with no certain cognates beyond Gmc. Slang meaning "diamonds" is attested from 1906. Ice cream is first recorded 1688 (as iced cream); Icing in the sugary sense is from 1769; Ice cube first recorded 1929. To break the ice.

    Mist/icing - Verb

    Mist/ic/ish – Adjective

    October 2, 2012