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  • n. A person who obstinately adheres to old ways in spite of clear evidence that they are wrong; an ignorant and bigoted opponent of reform.


  • The bishops and other church dignitaries tried for a while to renew the old king-godding 'mumpsimus'; but the second Charles laughed at them, and they quarrelled with his successor, and hated the hero who delivered them from him too thoroughly to have flattered him with any unction, even if William's Dutch phlegm had not precluded the attempt by making its failure certain.

    Literary Remains, Volume 2

  • The Liberal party still clung to its miserable old mumpsimus of _Laissez-faire_, and steadily refused to learn the new and nobler language of Social Service.

    Fifteen Chapters of Autobiography


The word 'mumpsimus' is a malapropism of the Latin word 'sumpsimus', in a story recounted by Desiderius Erasmus of a monk who recited liturgy using 'mumpsimus' instead of 'sumpsimus' and then refused to be corrected.