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  • noun Snow which peels off in large slabs when disturbed, increasing the risk of avalanche.


  • Andy would occasionally pause to point out various different forms of frozen water: rime ice, hoar frost, frost heave, windslab snow.

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  • Slightly convex, I had to don crampons again as the windslab was icy and there were many bulges of 50 degrees or more.


  • This pair found deep windslab on top of a shiny, melted and re-frozen, surface of old snow .... classic conditions for a high-mountain ridgetop avalanche.


  • If you find your skis riding on top of the surface of the snow and it sounds or feels hollow, you're probably on top on a hard windslab.

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The word 'windslab' is a compound of 'wind' and 'slab'.