from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • adj. Forward; thoughtless; headstrong.
  • n. A giddy, forward person.
  • adv. Precipitately; headlong.


  • I played the gomeral brawly, but in the darkness we blundered ram-stam through the Sassenach lines.

    A Daughter of Raasay A Tale of the '45

  • She but to have come in ram-stam an 'stern forrit; for the bows of her are aften under, and the back-side of her is clear at hie-water o' neaps.

    Merry Men

  • We cannot patronise the practice of walking in large parties of ten or a score, ram-stam and helter-skelter, on to the front-green or gravel-walk of any private nobleman's or gentleman's house, to enjoy, from a commanding station, an extensive or picturesque view of the circumjacent country.

    Recreations of Christopher North, Volume 2


The origin of 'ram-stam' is uncertain.