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  • adj. Relating to, or determined by, conditions of the soil, especially as it relates to biological systems


  • Beyond these edaphic savannas is a wide plain covered with lowland forest.

    Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire

  • The combination of high rainfall, edaphic, and topographic variability, and historical biogeographical patterns renders these forests some of the most diverse species in the world.

    Solimões-Japurá moist forest

  • Vegetation is highly variable throughout this ecoregion and are influenced primarily by edaphic processes and disturbance regimes.

    Eastern Cascades forests

  • While other sites may experience similar rain shadow effects, lower elevation, greater overall precipitation, and edaphic variations impede sagebrush growth.

    Montana Valley and Foothill grasslands

  • While the distribution of the forest, woodland, savanna, and grassland elements is partly determined by edaphic and climatic factors, disturbance factors such as fire, logging, and agriculture play an increasing role in the spread of secondary savanna and grassland.

    Zambezian Baikiaea woodlands


The word 'edaphic' comes from Greek roots meaning 'ground, soil'.