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  • n. (noun) An aerobatic flying manoeuvre in which the pilot follows a knife-edge roll by flipping the airplane end-over-end and into a spin, from which the pilot then recovers control of the airplane.


  • His current routine is about 11½ minutes long, a series of twirls, loops and cartwheels, some upside-down flying, a maneuver called the lomcevak (Czech for 'headache').

    Union-Tribune San Diego

  • Some even dare to do the lomcevak, (pronounced: LOM-SHEH-VOCK) where an aircraft spills chaotically nose over tail, wing and over wing.

    South Florida Sun-Sentinel

  • In Act III, Scholl performs his specialty, the frightening 'lomcevak,' in which he stalls out during an outside snap roll and the airplane tumbles nose over tail until Scholl eventually pulls out some 100 feet from the ground.

    Sports Illustrated


'Lomcevak' may be derived from a Czechoslovakian word which roughly means 'headache' or 'hangover.'