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  • n. (noun) A book of instructions in the use of magic or alchemy, especially summoning demons.


  • In anger and bitterness she flung down her Gold Staff and her grimoire, her great book of spells, and she locked her workshop and swore never to touch the mirrors or practice magic again.

    The Night Of the Solstice

  • You use your grimoires (spell books) to generate mana, which you then use to summon familiars that you send into battle.

    Game On: 'Grim Grimoire,' Seattle PI, November 25, 2007

  • Then, some months ago, we asked you to acquire a grimoire for us: seventeenth century, French.

    The Whisperers


'Grimoire' attests to 1849 and is an alternation of the French 'grammaire,' grammar, which originally meant '(magic) incantation, spells, mumbo-jumbo.'