from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. (noun) Silly or delusive nonsense; balderdash; flummery.
  • n. (noun) A dish composed of saltpork, potatoes, and molasses, eaten by the fishermen of Cape Cod.


  • Mona can fix her table, and I'll come over before the luncheon, and if she has too many or too grand flumadiddles, I'll take some of them off.

    Patty's Social Season

  • A gentleman residing on Superior street has a wife who goes into hysterics every time the fashion-plate changes, while he, on the contrary, has an intense antipathy for 'frills and flounces and flumadiddles of that sort.'

    'The Wife's Strategy,' Southland Times, September 28, 1887

  • We certainly need a dominant force, a direction, a dictation, a sobering influence against the flumadiddle of theory and the fustian of talk about the glories of democracy, meaning the will of the people.

    Lewiston Evening Journal, May 6, 1932

  • Oh, we've got call-waiting now as well as speed dial, conference calling, voice mail, answering machines and lots of other geegaws, gismos, gadgets, wingdings and flumadiddles.

    'Telephone numbers: another life change,' The Times-News, May 30, 1992


'Flumadiddle' may be a blend of 'flummery,' nonsense or a sort of jelly made of flour or meal, plus 'diddle,' to cheat or waste time.