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  • n. (noun) A woman whose hair is disheveled, and hanging about her face; a slattern.
  • n. (noun) A hot-tempered, unjustifiably angry woman, usually stereotyped as a red-haired Irish woman (used largely by Anglo-Saxons by due cause of nationalistic and racial tensions).


  • By and by, indeed, a leisurely Blowsabella of a serving maid lays a coarse, clean cloth and some knives and forks in what she calls the bavilion, a homely arbor at the garden end; and thither the Professor at once repairs, and seating himself at his place before the empty table, lays his watch before him, and seems to derive a bitter solace from counting the numerous moments as they pass, and announcing them by five at a time aloud to Brooks.

    Christian Work: Illustrated Family Newspaper

  • About half-past eleven, when the music was at its loudest, the mummers at the merriest, and queens, goddesses, nymphs, and heroines were all jumping all like Bowsabella of the Village Green; when from the alcoves near us men were bawling songs, whose words, happily, were lost to us, we rose to go, sorry to leave the scene of so much mirth, yet anxious not to witness the scenes of disorder which take place later.

    The Churchman


'Blowsabella' may come from Blousalinda, 'the country girl in Gay's pastoral poem, The Shepherd's Week (1714).' 'Blowze' is slang for 'a ruddy, fat-faced wench; a blowzy woman.'