from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who dislikes tobacco-smoke.


  • If you choose the no-smoking section of airplanes, you may well be a misocapnist - a hater of tobacco. Kapnos is Greek for smoke and if you're a smoker and you hate the Greeks for giving us a word to describe smoke-haters, then you're misohellene.

    Michael Gartner, 'Words to Hate By,' The Milwaukee Journal, May 16, 1985

  • In Knickerbocker, George could hardly then have become a misocapnist when he limned with such intense gusto the 'Pipe-Plot,' with its group of smoke-compelling burghers, or the 'Death of Walter the Doubter,' where his lymphatic Excellency, lungs and pipe exhausted together, exhales his peaceful soul in the last whiff of canaster!

    George Cruikshank, the Artist, the Humourist and the Man, by William Bates

  • He was followed by a disputatious gentleman, who had the temerity to maintain before the royal misocapnist (the Counterblast had not as yet issued from the monarch's lips, but his anti-nicotian prejudices were well known,) the thesis, that 'tobacco must needs be good;' proceeding to his proof 'by enumeration or induction because Kings Princes Nobles Earles Lords Knights Gentlemen of all Countries and Nations reckoning a number loved it.'

    Notes and Queries, July - December 1864


This word comes from the Greek ‘misos,’ hatred, plus ‘kapnos,’ smoke. ‘Capnomancy’ is ‘divination by the ascent or motion of smoke.’