from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • adj. Somewhat twisted or crooked, physically, mentally, or morally; odd; questionably honest.


  • All it would take was a twistical squint off his eyes.

    At Swim, Two Boys

  • In the last war with Britain, the Constitution frigate was close in once on the shores of Ireland, a lookin arter some marchant ships, and she took on board a pilot; well, he was a deep, sly, twistical lookin chap, as you een amost ever seed.

    The Clockmaker — or, the Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick, of Slickville

  • Mr. Kant pantheistical, Mr. Carlyle twistical, and Mr. Emerson hyperquizzitistical.

    The Works of Edgar Allan Poe — Volume 5

  • Colonel Cross was twistical; but I did not know how to help myself, when he came and said that he must have money, and could not afford to wait for it; but that if I would give another mortgage for three times as much as the principal and interest came to on the whole farm, he would lift the other, as he knew a man in Wetherville who would advance it if I would make further improvements, so as to accommodate all the company that would like to come.

    Tales of Glauber-Spa

  • In his mind’s eye he saw the curate and the queer twistical look he’d have.

    At Swim, Two Boys


The word 'twistical' comes from 'twist' and the suffix '-ical'.