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  • n. The study of codices (early handwritten books).


  • Hunt uses a method called codicology to study the interaction of the framing images with one another, the text, and the illustrations - from the points of view of both the artist who produced the manuscript and the patron or reader who viewed the decoration - to reveal the hidden meaning.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • Similarly, if you will be working with books or manuscripts and you know a bit of codicology, you can often divine useful information.

    Working in Archives #2: advanced preparation

  • Just as editors of texts extant only in the form of letterpress printings must know a good deal about how books were printed, and medievalists working with manuscripts must know about calligraphy and codicology, Blake's editors must know as much as possible about the way Blake produced his texts.


  • I have a set of esoteric technical skills (facility in dead languages; training in paleography and codicology, graduate-level training in several different humanities disciplines); I often work in archives with "real" objects, where I sometimes hope to find something no one else has ever seen; and some of my writing is fairly straightforward reporting on what I find.

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The word 'codicology' comes ultimately from a Latin word meaning 'book'.