from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • v. To ache; smart.
  • v. To long; pine: as, the cows stound for grass.
  • v. To stun as with strokes; beat heavily: as, to stound the ears with the strokes of a bell.
  • v. To astound; amaze.
  • n. A time: a short time; a while; a moment; an instant.
  • n. Sorrow; grief; longing.
  • n. A stunning blow or stroke; the force of a blow.
  • n. Astonishment; amazement; bewilderment.
  • n. An obsolete past participle of stun.
  • n. A vessel to contain small beer.



The multiple senses of the word 'stound' come from Middle English words meaning 'hour' and 'stand'.