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  • adj. Of, or pertaining to the distribution of animals.


  • The Chilean Winter Rainfall-Valdivian Forests Hotspot represents the crossroads of two major floristic and faunistic regions: the Neotropical and ancient Gondwanan provinces.

    Biological diversity in the Chilean winter rainfall-valdivian forests

  • Veracruz has been described as one of the richest faunistic regions in the west hemisphere, and is one of three regions with the highest insect richness and endemism.

    Veracruz moist forests

  • The River Tara, one of the last wild rivers in Europe, has pure, clear waters, a gorge of 1,300 m depth and notable floristic and faunistic diversity.

    Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

  • The open savannas are the least used habitat by the megafauna of this ecoregion, and most of the faunistic richness is concentrated around permanent and temporary water sources.



The word 'faunistic' comes from the Latin name of a goddess, the sister of Faunus.