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  • noun c
  • noun Upper-case C
  • noun Greek ϡ (sampi)
  • noun c / ц
  • noun ц (ts)
  • noun The ligature ال‎ (al-)
  • noun ﭺ‎ (ch)
  • noun ጨ (č̣)
  • noun ca
  • noun ཁ (kha)
  • noun The onset c
  • noun The onset zh- or the rime -òu
  • noun The onset l
  • noun The onset dz (ts) and rime aang
  • noun The vowel ุ short u (same as in Japanese Braille)
  • noun Initial  (n)
  • noun The digit 3
  • phrase can


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Invented by Louis Braille, braille cells were arranged in numerical order and assigned to letters of the French alphabet. Most braille alphabets follow this assignment for the 26 letters of the basic Latin alphabet, or for the equivalents of those letters in a non-Latin script.


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