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  • noun A letter rendering the print sequence in
  • noun
  • noun ı
  • noun ـٍ‎ (-in)
  • noun ī
  • noun The rime a
  • noun The onset r- or the erhua suffix -r
  • noun The rime wa/-ua
  • noun The rime at
  • noun tone ◌́
  • noun tone (1)
  • noun Final  (d/t)
  • noun Modifies the following letter; equivalent to small capitals in print IPA
  • noun (marks the end of emphasis—italics, bold, underlining, etc.—within a word)
  • noun (asterisk or emphasis)
  • noun (asterisk)
  • noun (footnote)


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Invented by Louis Braille, braille cells were arranged in numerical order and assigned to letters of the French alphabet. Most braille alphabets follow this assignment for the 26 letters of the basic Latin alphabet, or for the equivalents of those letters in a non-Latin script.


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