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  • suffix habitation when used as a suffix to many placenames


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From a Norse language


  • Workers estimate that a 10 percent cut in contract costs -by seeking savings from vendors or paring down contracted services - would save Michigan $110 million annually.

    Eric Lotke: Public Employees Offer Solutions. Examples.

  • Two days later, it raised its main policy interest rate—the rate it charges commercial banks for capital—-by 2percentage points to 11%.

    Vietnam to Raise Electricity Prices 15.3%

  • Cut the center-cut fillet into a 1 -by 1 -inch strip or strips the length of your mold, season with salt, and reserve.


  • In fact, -by 1957 he was thirty-seven years old, in his thirteenth season in the majors.


  • It is a regrettable but seemingly immutable fact of life that agriculture is the most "protected"-by which I mean politically favored, subsidized, cartelized, regulated, and non-competitive-sectors in most countries, not least the U.S. It is also a fact that productivity, technological advance, and overall output in agriculture are inversely related to the degree of "protection." News

  • Best Steaks Coming Your Way: Beleaguered Argentine Beef Industry Set To Rebound "Thanks Agustino -by the sound of it, long term, gas prices will just stay around high because even if demand..." News

  • And 37 percent of patients who participated in both the therapy and exercise programs in addition to standard therapy said they felt much better-or "very much better"-by the end of the study.

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  • The case involves a claim that the largest provider of mobile telephone service in Mexico, Telcel, which is affiliated with the largest provider of local telephone services, has subjected its mobile and wireline competitors to a "price squeeze," first, by charging them excessive prices for connection to its mobile customers and, second-this is the "squeeze"-by reducing prices to consumers for its own mobile services. News

  • Much later, in a forgotten chapter of the Holocaust, Odessa's Jewish community -by then a third of the city's population - was nearly destroyed by the largest wartime program of planned killing committed by a country other than Nazi Germany, in this case, Nazi-allied Romania.

    NPR Topics: News

  • "Thanks Agustino -by the sound of it, long term, gas prices will just stay around high because even if demand..." News


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