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  • suffix Resembling or characteristic of: ladylike.

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  • suffix Having some of the characteristics of (used to form adjectives from nouns).


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from like, similar; see like2.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From like (preposition). Cognate with -ly (adjective suffix). Compare also Dutch -lijk ("-ly, -like").


  • That can create a dangerous "V"-like gap with the mattress in which a baby can get caught and suffocate.

    Strict new safety codes for cribs go into effect

  • Humorist S.J. Perelman, who served for years as the New Yorker's resident curmudgeon, tried his hand at playwriting with this "Candide"-like satire about a naive young idealist who bangs his head against the rank commercialism and overall idiocy of postwar America.

    Seen Enough of Stanley Kowalski? Me, Too

  • It's hard enough to launch a "Lost"-like drama these days, much less relaunch one.

    The Short List

  • In "The Red Badge of Courage," his transcendent prose mocked sentimentalism by deploying metaphors from nature—armies are "serpents crawling from the cavern at night"—and Henry stumbles into a "chapel"-like grove in the forest where he encounters the gruesome corpse of a soldier.

    Five Best: David W. Blight

  • Venture-capital firms have been dealing with weak fund raising prospects and a dearth of Google Inc.-like returns following the recession and a general lack of initial public offerings and acquisitions in the last decade.

    Web Start-Ups Get Upper Hand Over Investors

  • He spent Monday in Manhattan, plotting an "Apprentice"-like program for kids with Donald Trump.

    Lean Machine in Iowa Doesn't Faze Gingrich

  • It was the latest defeat for the Democrats' $447 billion economic recovery and jobs package, which was broken up into pieces so Eric Cantor could delight in the slow, painful, "Dexter"-like execution of the Democrats' economic agenda as opposed to taking it out right quick with a shot to the head.

    HUFFPOST HILL - Pipeline To Nowhere

  • One of the great pleasures of Ms. Ljungkvist's work, apart from its chic appearance, is the cheerful, "I Spy"-like quizzing that it stirs.

    A Strong Woman Who Saved Lives

  • Even assuming the charge to be true, the fact remains that no US law allows placement of an organization on any terrorism list, or validates ignoring an impending humanitarian disaster, because it has "cult"-like qualities.

    Allan Gerson: The "Terror Lobby" List: A Response

  • One, targeted at men, highlights "Hangover"-like gross-out scenes.

    A Chick Flick for Guys?


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