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  • suffix Persons who are experts in an area; e.g. horsemen, sportsmen.
  • suffix Persons who are employed or hold a position in an area; e.g lawmen, newsmen.
  • suffix Persons who have special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. freemen, icemen, supermen.
  • suffix In certain cases, persons who derives from a particular nationality; e.g. Scotsmen, Chinamen.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From men, plural of man.


  • So, you guys, what if English inclined toward the Mandarin ending -men to forge a plural you?

    The English Is Coming!

  • Diplomacia plays an equally important role in every endeavor where human beings have to get along and deal with each other, whether it’s you and your college professor, the other members of your law firm or community organization, your fellow congresswomen and -men, or the customers who come into your restaurant.

    Latina Power!


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