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  • Yet police fired 144 rounds of "non-lethal" ammunition, including 70 37-mm projectiles, 40 40mm "sponge" rounds, and 34 12-gauge "supersock" rounds.

    Tom Hayden: After 42 Years of Police Reform, LAPD Video Still Blames "Agitators"

  • UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These can be fired either out of. 12-gauge or a 37-mm launcher.

    CNN Transcript Jun 30, 2008

  • There was only one anti-tank company to each division, and they had been equipped with the obsolete 37-mm. gun.


  • His group consisted of about twenty-five PzKw III's and IV's, with a few Czech tanks, which were used to stiffen the motorcyclists in reconnaissance; a Panzerjäger company with twelve 37-mm. anti-tank guns; an artillery battery with four 105-mm. guns; and two


  • The Germans found that their automatic weapons were so badly frozen that they would fire only single shots; the 37-mm. anti-tank ammunition — useless against the T 34 at other than point-blank range — had to be scraped with a knife before it would fit into the breech as the packing grease had frozen solid.


  • For example, after the campaign in France, Hitler had ordered that the 37-mm. gun in the Pz III tank be replaced with a 50-mm.


  • By evening four hundred men had been established on the eastern bank, with some thirty tanks and two batteries of 37-mm. anti-tank guns.


  • Of the tank battalions, their firepower had been increased by the long-delayed substitution of the L 60 50-mm. gun for the old 37-mm. in the PzKw III (although the effectiveness of this was diminished by the first batch being fitted with the L 42 gun in error; see p. 37) and by the L 48 75-mm. being fitted to the PzKw IV.


  • A few British infantry tanks, both Matilda and Churchill types, were used in the so-called "independent" (i.e., infantry co-operation) brigades, where they were acceptable because of their very thick frontal armour, and some American Honeys (a light, fast tank with a 37-mm. gun) were identified by Kleist in the later stages of the Caucasian fighting.


  • Guns: One 37-mm. gun will report on Zed minus one day to each battalion commander.

    Official History of the 120th Infantry


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