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  • n. A class of two-handed double-trapeze dinghy (from its maximum length of 16 feet, approx. 4900 millimetres).
  • n. Alternative spelling of forty-niner.
  • n. A player for the San Francisco 49ers, an NFL team.
  • n. A student or player on a sports team at California State University, Long Beach (more commonly known as "Long Beach State").
  • n. A student or player on a sports team at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (more commonly known as "Charlotte" in a sports context).


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  • Field Judge: Buddy HortonSummaryBack to topTO's biggest day since he was a 49er is vs. 49ers

  • Burri hit the nail on the head If I could remember why I'm calling the 49er Speakeasy, I'd say, "Amen and Amen" to Paul Burris 'article on remembering (or was it forgetting?) the good old days.

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  • We're called The 49er Faithful for the best reason ever … WE SUPPORT OUR TEAM.


  • Bart Hall - the history of the Western Carolina gold rush - though not, as I noted, an 1849 gold rush - might be relevant if it wasn't for the fact that founder Bonnie Cone tried to claim that the mascot "49er" comes from the "spirit of the California gold rush miners."

    Your mascot is a nut! Your mascot is a meaningless puppet!

  • We often see specimens of artists 'work purporting to represent a "' 49er "emigrant train on the overland journey -- some of them very clever; but seldom are they at all realistic to the man who was there.

    Crossing the Plains, Days of '57 A Narrative of Early Emigrant Tavel to California by the Ox-team Method

  • Q: I have a Stevens "49er" toy cap pistol in its original box. Local, Sports, Business and Entertainment News

  • He is a member of the Council on Competitiveness, National Defense Industrial Association, Navy League of the United States, Association for Corporate Growth, Lean Enterprise Institute and is a '49er' with the Young Presidents Organization.

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  • The factor that dictated my being here was that Trent and Jed and the 49er organization wanted me to be here and I wanted to be here as much or more than they wanted me.

    Stanford Football Coach Heading To San Francisco

  • Lori Eanes for the Wall Street Journal A Wagyu sukiyaki bowl Lori Eanes for the Wall Street Journal Ebisu's Tootsie Roll sushi with salmon and green onion At the Inner Sunset original, Ebisu serves such innovations as the 49er Roll $8.95, which owner Steve Fujii said he concocted for a player wandering in who asked for "something special."


  • From the recent dialogue between Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell, I learned that Kobe is Nike's favorite client, and that former 49er Roger Craig is somehow still spry enough to run marathons.

    If Rampage had been set in Victorian England (link roundup)


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