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  • verb Present participle of A-bomb.


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  • By Flickr user kamoda. touhen 03, from Hiroshima, tells us the story of the building (pictured above) now become the symbol of the A-bombing and of his memories related to it.

    Global Voices in English » Japan: We will not forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • It was the era of "Japan as Number One" mania and there was so much to see in a few brief days -- and I, of course, knew pretty much what there was to be known about the experience of the first A-bombing.

    Tom Engelhardt: Forgettable Fire: On Not Remembering Hiroshima

  • Of course, it's an old trick to pick a year -- say, 1945, with the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or 1970, with the shooting of antiwar students at Kent State -- as the cusp of a new era or the end of an old one.

    When the World Tilted--Again

  • He was exposed to the A-bombing on August 6 in Nakajima Shinmachi (currently Peace Memorial Park), approximately 500 meters from the hypocenter.

    AUGUST 6, 1945 / A DAY OF INFAMY

  • When it comes to human right issues, the U.S.serves as a perfect role model - to protect human rights of some, A-bombing Japan twice and invading Irap twice too.

    The Beleaguered Torch, Now With Nazi Origins - The Lede Blog -

  • The United States might then have retaliated by A-bombing Vladivostok.

    The Great Experiment

  • Whenever I hear the apologists expressing guilt and shame for A-bombing and ending the war Japan had started they ignore the cause-effect relation between Pearl Harbor and Nagasaki, I have noted that neither the effete critics nor the puff-adder politicians are among us in the assault landing-craft or the stinking rice paddies of their suggested alternative, "conventional" warfare.

    The Ahmadinejad Gambit

  • Concerned US scientists proposed, for example, the A-bombing of an uninhabited Japanese forest, where Marshal Hata and his scientists could have learned the same appalling lessons they read in vaporized buildings and irradiated flesh in Hiroshima — if the US government had been willing to take a few more days and to be a bit more thoughtful in opening the age of nuclear warfare.

    Was the Hiroshima Bomb Necessary? An Exchange

  • If watchful waiting by the US government for a few more days might have shown that the A-bombing of a single city would suffice, might not such a government have tried a non-lethal demonstration and discovered that that was enough?

    Was the Hiroshima Bomb Necessary? An Exchange

  • Nearly 60 years after making the 1952 film "Genbaku no Ko" (Children of the Atomic Bomb) on the A-bombing of Hiroshima, which was the first independent piece produced by his own film production company, the Hiroshima native is now making a film about World War II and the lead-up to the bombing in what he calls his "last piece of work."

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