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  • n. An A-list gay; an affluent, well-connected, upwardly mobile gay man or woman.


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Short for A-list gay.


  • The telltale A-gay signs are body worship (chiseled abs), real-estate and modern-decor fetishes, and frequent travel to seasonal getaways such as Miami and Palm Springs.

    Logo's 'A-List: New York' is a poor excuse for a social study

  • The message in "The A-List" is that it's too easy for gay men to get caught up in whatever status war happens to be available, and nothing is quite so withering as the dismissive sneer from an A-gay.

    Logo's 'A-List: New York' is a poor excuse for a social study

  • Besides "Project Runway" and "Glee," the "Real Housewives" shows already are the gayest shows on television, dramas which are engineered and then leered over by that Cheshire A-gay himself, Andy Cohen, Bravo's vice president and talk-show host.

    Logo's 'A-List: New York' is a poor excuse for a social study

  • For Cunanan, Versace may have represented the ultimate A-gay, the nickname given to the homosexual elite that has money, power and privilege.

    Glamour After Dark

  • He seems to have been much more successful with another level of A-gay society: older, wealthy, professional men who reportedly gave him money and a place to live in exchange for companionship and sexual favors.

    Glamour After Dark

  • But despite his grandiose A-gay aspirations, he never really reached the very highest circles of the uber-A-gay scene - at least for any period of time.

    Glamour After Dark

  • The "First Lady of San Francisco," Jennifer Siebel Newsom spoke, as did Geoff Kors of Equality California who was being "zapped" by Michael Petrelis for being an out-of-touch A-gay who was responsible for the terrible Proposition 8 campaign click here for Petrelis' account, which ends with him being escorted out of City Hall by a sheriff.

    The Tree of Hope 1: Origami Cranes for Peace

  • I thought he'd be a little more "A-gay," a term I only understood once I'd spent three years living a few blocks from Chelsea. performing at the stunning old Stanford White bank on the Bowery

    lugging, schlepping, toting

  • Sounds quite A-gay to me and in this case, I have no objection to building a coalition with Trip on behalf of global gay activistmand the worsening homo-hatred in Jamaica.

    Petrelis Files

  • There were complaints that at such an A-gay function, the food service should have been handled better.



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