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  • noun A standard paper size, defined by ISO 216 to have dimensions: 841 x 594 mm (840.90 x 594.60 mm)
  • adjective informal In good health.
  • adjective informal In excellent or top condition.
  • proper noun Under the International Union of Railways ("UIC") classification system, a steam locomotive that has two coupled driving wheels followed by two trailing wheels, with no leading wheels; also called an 0-2-2.


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See the Wikipedia article ISO 216, the international standard on paper sizes.

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From various rating systems, as that of Lloyd's of London or the condition of insured ships.


  • Klik panah bawah pada "Calc A1″ untuk melihat list grammar dan pilih" Calc A1″ melalui dropdown list (lakukan hal ini, sekalipun sudah memilih Calc A1)

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  • Carriers of * 9 allele of SLC6A3 had over twice a lower risk to start smoking before the age of 20 years compared to non-carriers (sex-adjusted OR = 0.44; 95% CI: 0. 22-0.89; p = 0.0017), and subjects with A1 -/9 - genotype combination had a higher risk for staring regular smoking before the age of 20 years in comparison to subjects with A1+/9+ genotype combination (sex-adjusted OR = 3.79; 95%

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  • In 1734 Lloyd's List was published and in 1760 Lloyd's Register of Shipping, from which the famous symbol "A1" is derived, made its appearance at Lloyd's Coffee House.

    Lloyd's Of London

  • Does population A consist of and contain A1 and A2?

    A New Book

  • So if the answer is no population A does not consist of nor contain A1 and A2 then Zachriel's claim is refuted.

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  • It says REVENGE OF THE JEDI rather than RETURN OF THE JEDI its never been sewn on and is in A1 condition has anyone got one or any ideas of what it might be worth? actually, a longtime ago in a galaxy far away, it WAS called REVENGE of the jedi, but they changed it to RETURN, as jedi didnt believe in revenge, but its worth checking it out.

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  • First we got the big Kahuna, New York Times chief political sage Adam Nagourney, weighing in A1-style yesterday on Clinton's diminishing chances to ever win the nomination.

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  • They are saying that beta-casein A1 might damage your brush border membrane, pretty much the same way gluten do in celiac´s.

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  • The most common are beta-casein A1 and beta-casein A2.

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  • Milk high in beta-casein A1 is being referred to as ‘A1 milk’ while milk high in beta-casein A2 is being called ‘A2 milk’.

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