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  • n. A standard paper size, defined by ISO 216, with dimensions: 53 x 37 mm (52.556 x 37.163 mm)


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See the Wikipedia article ISO 216, the international standard on paper sizes.


  • Cell D9 contains the following DB formula: = D8-DB ($B$3, $B$5, $B$4, $A9) Book III Chapter 4 Cell E9 contains the following DDB formula: Financial Formulas = E8-DDB ($B$3, $B$5, $B$4, $A9) Note that, like the SYD function, both of these depreciation functions require the use of a period argument, which is supplied by the list of years in the cell range A9: A18.

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  • Print Police name A9 fatal crash victims Cole Gibson asked about the organ donor register when he was five A man and a boy who died after a two-car smash on the A9 in Perthshire have been named by police.

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  • It is said to be light-years better than ARM's own Cortex-A9, which is just now finding its way to devices.

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  • We are not sure whether ARM is talking of the Cortex A8 which has plenty of designs out or the A9, which is already out but only on prototypes. here, with the last one showing the relative performance of the various flavours of the A15 compared to the ARM11 as used in the HTC Wildfire and the iPhone 3G.

  • It's widely suspected that Apple is using the next generation of the iPhone 3GS 'ARM Cortex A8 CPU, the ARM Cortex A9, which is multicore.

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  • "The A9 is the same as the Cortex A8 but more efficient," East said.


  • And even though Google knocked off AltaVista with a simple keyword search that just worked better, smaller competitors these days such as A9 and seem to be focusing on complicated interfaces with lots of little buttons to push.

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  • He is not ashamed of his failures — A9 search and Auctions are two examples he cites often.

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  • The processor is a dual-core Tegra Cortex A9 running at 1.2GHz.

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  • The original A9/A10 transoceanic missile idea of Von Braun had been found to be unworkable due to heat transfer issues, but the ever-growing army of engineers, technicians, and slave laborers had solved those problems long ago.

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