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  • initialism as far as I am concerned


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  • Never been a fan of the expression "Oh, please." which definitely comes across as haughty and/or condescending AFAIAC.

    "This is genocide. This is Hitler."

  • They should have been pushed out decades ago AFAIAC.

    Anti-Atheism Ad in UU World That Criticizes Bishop Spong

  • AFAIAC *some* non-theist theological and philosophical ideas *should* be being pushed out the door in current-day Unitarian Universalism.

    Anti-Atheism Ad in UU World That Criticizes Bishop Spong

  • Indeed there would be some overlap in those maps because AFAIAC *some* U*U clergy misconduct manifests itself in the form of anti-religious intolerance and bigotry on the part of U*U ministers or anti-conservative and/or anti-Republican intolerance and bigotry on the part of U*U ministers.

    Multi Cultural UU: Removing Dissatisfaction

  • It is very thinly veiled anti-religious intolerance AFAIAC, and it is presented in the context of boostering U*Uism as "the religion of our time" by putting down most if not all other world religions.

    UUA Presidency

  • If recordings exist of him yelling and screaming or otherwise being unreasonable they should be made public AFAIAC.

    Obama, Gates and racism

  • Tower blocks are awful, knock 'em all down AFAIAC, the average density in terms of dwellings per acre of Victorian terraces compared to tower blocks is much the same rather surprisingly, only those old Victorian terraces, they were built to last.


  • AFAIAC If a Unitarian*Universalist congregation does behave in a manner that clearly disregards and violates the U*U principles that it "covenants" to affirm and promote there should be rules and procedures in place to expel that congregation from the UUA if it fails or refuses to correct its behaviour.

    Congregations, Ministers, and the New "Incompetence" Rule

  • AFAIAC a fundamentalist atheist is an atheist "true believer" who is absolutely convinced of the non-existence of God and similarly convinced that God believing people are stupid and/or delusional.

    Honesty, Ethics, and "Expelled"?

  • A pretty big one, I suspect, but it'd certainly serve 'em right AFAIAC.

    Universal System


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