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  • proper noun Initialism of American Heritage Dictionary.


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  • Although the AHD is a superb work of scholarship, especially strong on Indo-European roots, American writer Ambrose Bierce would not be amused.

    Analyzing Becky Sharp’s Trash

  • Pipeline Holdings, L.P. ( "AHD"), was $14.6 million for the second quarter 2010 compared with

    Nachrichten Ticker -

  • As for the AHD and the claim of Iranian origin, I'd like to see that backed up with a clear source.

    Minoan inscription HT 104

  • My main problem with "endearing" is that I only see it used by adults talking about children (the AHD usage example is "the endearing charm of a little child") and to use it to talk about children's books betrays the child audience.

    "Deceptively simple"

  • For instance, “copyeditor” is preferred by AHD but “copy editor” by MW.

    Why are translators so pedantic? « Musings from an overworked translator

  • AHD, an information-service company, compiles data that hospitals report to the federal government.

    Nonprofit Hospitals, Once

  • The AHD has many noteworthy features: lists of synonyms, word histories, regional American dialect terms, 4,000 color photographs and illustrations, and two appendices of Indo-European and Semitic word roots.

    Reference Books

  • Its "Usage Notes" are provocative fun -- either to quibble with or to applaud, as when the AHD rules that "alright" is not all right.

    Reference Books

  • I first noticed AHD when he started presenting Local Heroes on BBC 2.

    One of the good guys

  • I can say in all honesty that I know a great many things about the world which I would not know if it wasn't for AHD.

    One of the good guys


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