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  • Alien Life Form (TV series)
  • Animal Liberation Front (Name used by animal rights activists engaging in direct action)


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  • For those of you who don't know, ALF is to Peta and Vegans what the ALL-STAR team is to whatever sports you may follow.

    Anti-Deer-Hunting Billboard Goes Up in Kansas City

  • The statement, circulated to activists this month, said: The ALF is calling out to the movement to unite and fight against the university on a maximum impact scale.

    2006 January - Telic Thoughts

  • The ALF is clearly an organization on the fringe of the animal rights movement, and I can sympathize with the predominately peaceful protesters who are tainted by this violent trace element.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • However, Gordon Shumway - aka 'ALF' - is an actual alien.

    Archive 2009-04-19

  • Maybe we can get him to overdose on snuffing coke with Marion Barry or maybe we can have him run security at the capital when Cynthia McKinney comes in or maybe we can hope he’s visiting Vail when the ALF is in town.

    Think Progress » “When I caught a 7.5 pound perch in my lake”

  • Your assertion that he doesn't attack the ALF because his primary goal is to attack religion rather misses the point that if he sees animal research as unethical any criticism he might make is not of ends but means; and the absolutism you identify in the ALF is as to ends, not means.

    Dawkins, Hussein, and ALF

  • Surely the vandalism and scare-mongering tactics of groups like the ALF are at least as dangerous to science as ID is.

    Dawkins, Hussein, and ALF

  • The FBI even called ALF the most active extremist element in the United States.

    CNN Transcript Oct 25, 2007

  • Senator Barak Obama says he is baffled as to why the ALF is the foremost target, since the FBI itself has stated that ALF-attributed crimes are on the decline.

    My Adventure Presenting Animal Rights Philosophy to the FBI

  • Notice that the CBS story called ALF an "activist" group.

    Open Thread Thursday


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