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  • Its 2MHz switching frequency keeps switching noise out of critical frequency bands, such as AM radio, and ensures tiny externals. package, the LT3513 offers a compact TFT-LCD power solution.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • You sleep in a tent, wear a poncho in the pouring rain, eat turkey jerky and listen to AM radio.

    Why the NBA Needs a Barnstorming Tour

  • Pre-election, the still-vital forces in the conservative media—the Internet and AM radio, with a particular nod to Rusty Humphries and his producer, Rich Davis—were trying to push the story downstream, but the RCM had closed the locks.

    Deconstructing Obama

  • To the uninitiated, this all might sound pitiful or laughable, like wild conspiracy theories shared on strange Web sites or middle-of-the-night AM radio.

    Brian D. McLaren: Needed: Christians Thinking Differently About the Future

  • Not exactly something that makes for exciting cable TV or three-hour long AM radio, but it is just as factual.

    Zach Friend: Why November Won't Spell Doomsday for Democrats

  • Too many good people have been too easily jettisoned because of loud noises from Fox News and AM radio.

    Bob Cesca: Fooled Again by Breitbart and the Wingnut Right

  •   We — if she accepts my unspoken invitation — will join in adanse dangereux that can result in injury, even death — as we throw each other into the little red chairs and tables that surroundAu Bon Pain, the "fast casual" bakery and cafe chain whose illegal alienbaristasdream of some day working at Starbucks, where they will be surrounded by "world" music that drove them batty on AM radio in their native countries.

    Apache Dance With a Fellow Commuter

  • The saving of the American economy by the timely, strategic and ultimately successful extraordinary actions of the Bush and Obama Administrations, working closely with the Federal Reserve, has been re-positioned by the Tea Party and the AM radio liars as a latter day Bolshevik take-over.

    Fernando Espuelas: Crazy Talk Radio Fueling Another "Big Lie"

  • We did this occasionally because the slightly faster speed worked better on AM radio.

    Me, The Mob, And The Music

  • Backwoods distilling did not fade away with leaded gasoline and AM radio; it transformed.



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