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  • abbr. Agricultural Marketing Service
  • abbr. auditory memory span

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  • Initialism of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry.
  • Initialism of Application Management Software.


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  • "AMS is saying once they detect, they take drastic action," says Ewen Todd, a professor at Michigan State University, "but if they are less likely to detect, the risk is still higher."

    Fast-food standards for meat top those for school lunches

  • Moreover, our total flight costs, including flights from AMS-PRAGUE, PRAGUE-PARIS, and PARIS-AMS is less in total than the ticket to Frankfurt.

    Zuerst Hedo, jetzt das (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • The first is called AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness not enough oxygen for your body to function normally, and this is fairly common when climbing Kilimanjaro.

    C. M. Rubin: Attitude

  • The reason why I wanted to write about AMS is that we all know that big-box retailer sales play such a prominent role now in bestsellerdom.

    Independents Falling: Correction or Foreshadowing?

  • The AMS is a sophisticated particle detector that will use a large magnet to create a magnetic field that will bend the path of charged cosmic particles that are traveling through space.

    Space Station Gets Matter Minder

  • And also the AMS is a quality agency, not a safety agency.

    FDA Implements 'Egg Rule,' A Decade Later

  • The AMS will be a giant leap in science capability for the ISS.

    Dark Matter Detector Heading to the ISS This Summer | Universe Today

  • And, dear bunnies, you would not be surprised that the AMS is a bunch of commies subversives

    Rabett Run

  • In fact the neurologist had wanted to submit Jason's case to the Centers for Disease Control as part of their ongoing study of what some people were calling AMS — atypical multiple sclerosis.


  • The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, better known by its acronym AMS, may well vindicate the scientific purpose of the space station, according to astronauts, researchers and others.

    The Seattle Times


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