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  • abbr. airman, Navy

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  • n. The ISO 3166-1 two-letter (alpha-2) code for Netherlands Antilles.
  • n. A set of sizes for screw threads agreed upon and jointly used by the United States Army and Navy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Derived from the first letters of Army and Navy.


  • An art book could have been any one of hundreds in the library when the boy begins browsing, but it becomes THE art book when the boy attaches importance to the Gaugin which is also specifically sought by the older library patron; as AN art book, it was an abstract idea, but as THE art book, it becomes the center of tension, conflict, and personal growth.

    Doing both at once

  • They are going to play an advisory role because they are AN advisory team.

    Obama Camp Announces Foreign Policy Advisory Team

  • Thus, one should say, _AN ax, A saw, and AN adze_ (not _An ax, saw and adze_), _made up his outfit_.

    Practical Grammar and Composition

  • Four hundred an 'thirty-four rupees by my reckonin', AN 'a big fat gold necklace that I took from him as a remimbrancer, was our share in that business.'

    Life's Handicap

  • "After an extensive period of deliberation, the executive committee of Azzjoni Nazzjonali has unanimously resolved that the principles and values held by AN would be better served and propagated if it ceased to be a political party," the party said.

  • I and a few members at Vooks. net forums are making an RPG, and the story involves other Aussie game sites etc, and instead of merely filling it with Vooks. net forum members and injokes, since AN is appearing as its own town, I was wondering if anyone could point me towards old\worthy member names, and what you think they ought to say\do in the town. Forums

  • The daily reported that an agreement was reached between the couple in AN executive from an agency handling foreign workers was robbed by two male foreigners, who fled with RM50,000 meant for salaries. - Articles related to Former Indian president to star in Bollywood movie

  • In an attempt to atone for their shameless capitulation to Mark LaNeve's mob, AN has followed-up with a micro-story on Toyota's take on the American car market's doldrums [via

    The Truth About Cars

  • For example, with Nate and Tammy, it was a much different experience (novella in AN ENCHANTED SEASON).

    Q & A

  • The overall mission of the 10th Group was to conduct operations in AN XUYEN



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