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  • noun Initialism of antisocial personality disorder.


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  • A study of forensic psychiatric patients in Michigan—half of whom were deemed unfit to stand trial and half of whom were found not guilty through insanity—revealed that 73 percent of the survey group that were tattooed also exhibited strong signs of ASPD.


  • Anyone with enough experience in life has encountered dangerous people like NPD narcissists and ASPD sociopaths -- Palin's documented behavior closely fits both diagnoses, which often run in tandem.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • It is more difficult to envisage how those with ASPD could hide out among more prosocial segments of society.

    Ronald Reagan is Still Dead!

  • With respect to the topic of this article, it is easy to see how both psychopaths and those with ASPD could blend in readily with groups holding antisocial or criminal values.

    Ronald Reagan is Still Dead!

  • A key center of emotion activity in the brain, the amygdala, is another important region, and a study comparing ASPD and normal brains found deformations and a significant reduction in volume in the ASPD cohort.

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  • Several areas of the brain have been shown to be implicated with antisocial personality disorder ASPD, commonly known as psychopathy or sociopathy.

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  • It's smaller than normal in individuals with ASPD.

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  • Dysfunction or abnormalities in other brain regions have also been associated with higher rates of crime and ASPD.

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  • Individuals for whom this doesn't happen have higher rates of arrest and conviction, and score higher for ASPD.

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  • ASPD-GOP and their sycophant tea-klux baggers will scream until they are blue if such a logical step happens, as it needs to, in the US.

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