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  • abbreviation Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic


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  • In the south, the Soviets face widespread rebellion in the Ukraine, while in the north the Finns push forward into the Karelian ASSR.

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  • The case is remarkable even more so as, in August 2008, the Abkhaz republic was finally excised from the Georgian state territory although, when the Soviet Union fell apart, its titular nationality had, like in many other autonomous republics of the USSR, not constituted a majority of the population of the Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR).

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  • As a result of the peculiar migration policies of the CPSU, during the last census of the USSR in 1989, 45,7% of the inhabitants of the Abkhaz ASSR were classified as "Georgians" whereas only 17,8% called themselves "Abkhaz" – the percentage of Abkhazians being thus only slightly higher than that of the share of Russians and Armenians in the population of Abkhazia.

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  • Both sides agree to an armistice in March 1945, with the USSR ultimately ceding the Byelorussian and Ukrainian SSRs to the Poles, and the Karelian ASSR and the Kola Peninsula to the Finns.

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  • The population of the new ASSR was only 30% Romanian. MOLDOVAN/ROMANIAN.

  • The Ukrainian Supreme Soviet voted to restore the status of autonomous Soviet socialist republic (ASSR) to the Crimea within the Ukraine.

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  • MPR DELEGATION IN BURYAT ASSR -- A red challenge banner of the Buryat obkom, council of ministers, oblast trade union council, and Buryat oblast komsomol committee was awarded yesterday to Zakamenskiy aymag for the best results in the procurement of all types of fodder and improvement of their quality in the Buryat ASSR.


  • Buryat ASSR (1923-1990; Buryat-Mongol ASSR up to 1958)

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  • He added that the division of the Checheno-Ingush ASSR was undertaken

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  • Nakhichivan ASSR were naturally predisposed to hold positions of authority.

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