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  • abbr. asynchronous transfer mode
  • abbr. automated teller machine
  • abbr. automatic teller machine

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  • n. Initialism of automated teller machine or initialism of automatic teller machine.
  • n. Initialism of asynchronous transfer mode.
  • n. Initialism of air traffic management.
  • n. Initialism of advanced traffic management.
  • n. Initialism of ass to mouth.
  • n. Initialism of available ton mile.
  • n. Adobe Type Manager
  • adv. Initialism of at the moment.


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  • But running up to someone at the ATM is a terrible idea; dude probably thought he was about to get robbed.

    Clip du jour: Manbat! |

  • Imagine you go to the ATM and take out $20 ... the receipt shows you have $100 more than you thought so you say what the hell and take out another $60 not realizing the ATM is a day behind.

    Social Security Myths, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • I was told it was not a credit union charge but a Visa (my ATM is also a Visa debit card) charge and that it had always been there but the government has now ruled it must be broken out where the customer can see it.

    Currency Exchange

  • The problem is because of the TSA and the new security and we can't go forwards or backwards, they need to put some of those what we call ATM machines in the back.

    CNN Transcript Sep 15, 2007

  • I don't really care what you call the ATM card, that's not the issue.

    Mindark, I’m sorry…

  • Let's say the current conversion rate with a BofA card at a Mexican ATM is 13.50, ok.

    Page 2

  • "Using a stand-alone ATM is like playing Russian roulette, especially in major metropolitan cities," says Robert Siciliano, a McAfee consultant and founder ofIdentityTheftSecurity. com.

    Watch Out for ATM Skimming

  • Dad, there is things that bad guys are placing in ATM machines now that can capture your card information.

    ATM Debit Card Fruad

  • M/M-- I forgot to mention it here, but I guess the biggest recommendation from me ATM is Almost Like Being in Love by Steve Kluger.

    Interviews & Friday Book Club

  • The traditional design process would not have produced the same outcome as what you see is the end result, which is truly a revolution in ATM design.

    Brett King: How to create a sexy bank


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