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  • noun Plural form of AWOL.


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  • Clinton seems to believe that MIAs are deserters, like AWOLs.

    Hillary Wins Ohio, Networks Say

  • Corruption and AWOLs will increase, and the reputation of the ANA will decline, as more allegations of abuse against the Afghan people surface.

    Don't escalate a failing war

  • Even his record in the services is strewn with demerits and AWOLs and all ignored because of Daddy.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • So, those who send the kids to die in the unknown land and lie before and after, those who themselves are AWOLs are patriots and those who do not want a recruting station which lures kids to die are communist - driven?

    Stand in Solidarity With Berkeley's Shutting Down of a Military Recruitment Center

  • After nine months and a dishonorable discharge -- too many AWOLs -- he grew a goatee and started hanging around the folk-music scene in Palo Alto.

    Requiem For The Dead

  • Where the Army usually begins processing out AWOLs after 30 days, UA Marines must be gone over 180 days.

    Resistance R Us - Then ... and Now

  • AWOLs and UAs fully intend to return to the military.

    Resistance R Us - Then ... and Now

  • Despite these differences from Vietnam-era conscription, draft dodging and AWOLs have already become such a large problem that the U.S.

    Ten Years Later

  • We found out later that federal forces all across the country were crippled by the revolts, mutinies, AWOLs, and conscientious objections of troops who grew increasingly heartsick at the killing of Americans even if the government insisted those Americans were terrorists.

    Our American King

  • The number of AWOLs since the war began is approaching 10,000, according to Pentagon figures reported recently by USA Today.

    Stay the Lie


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