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  • adj. Descended from the religious tradition of Abraham.


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Abraham +‎ -ic


  • Today many pastors, like Taylor, use the term 'Abrahamic' traditions to include Muslim brothers and sisters, who also descend from Judaism's and Christianity's Father Abraham. Top Stories

  • This love to the child of his friend, I always thought, is the great element in that arrangement of the Most High which we call the Abrahamic covenant; for he who made us, knew how much a love for our children, on the part of others, draws us together, and what bonds are constituted and strengthened between men through their children; and that one great means of promoting love to Him would be, his manifesting special love and care for the offspring of those who love him.

    Bertha and Her Baptism

  • I prefer to call it "Abrahamic Conversion" because all of this is covered quite plainly, clearly and explicitly in Genesis 17:10-14 when Abraham is commanded to circumcise all the males in his household.

    Robert Eisenman: Abrahamic Conversion

  • But even these so-called Abrahamic religions differ when it comes to describing God.

    Benyamin Cohen: Questions for Stephen Prothero, Author of God Is Not One

  • Many around the world see the so-called Abrahamic religions in this light.

    The George Tiller Murder and the Insanity of Christo-Jihadists

  • There are fundamentalists in all three of what might be called the Abrahamic religions — Christians as well as Muslims.

    Think Progress » Goode to attend Muslim service.

  • Which explains why they are both called Abrahamic religions and Mr J.

    Well, at least we beat Turkey - The Panda's Thumb

  • Thus no matter how paganesque Hinduism might appear, it is not pagan in the sense attributed to the word by Abrahamic religions.

    The Full Feed from

  • The most celebrated action of the Abrahamic is the willingness of someone to gut and murder his own son because he thinks it will please God … It's not in the name of. Main RSS Feed

  • I remember well writing a final exam essay for Meredith in the Spring of 1985 explaining why dispensationaism is failed attempt to explain redemptive history, because it fails to account for the unity of the covenant of grace and for what I like to call the Abrahamic paradigm in redemption.



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