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  • proper noun A taxonomic family within the order Sapindales — If such a family is recognized it is comprised of over 120 species of temperate trees and shrubs - the maple family. However, the APG II system (2003) does not recognize such a family, including its members in Sapindaceae.


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Acer +‎ -aceae


  • For instance, coconuts (Cocos nucifera, Aceraceae) can travel up to thousands of kilometers on the ocean before settling on land and germinating.

    Seed dispersal

  • The family best represented in the upper canopy of these habitats is the Fagaceae, with important contributions from the Magnoliaceae, Aceraceae, Podocarpaceae, Lauraceae, and Theaceae.

    Southern Annamites montane rain forests

  • Associated with the hemlock and fir are a moderate diversity of broadleaf trees, with the most species belonging to the Aceraceae, Hippocastanaceae, Fagaceae, Magnoliaceae, Lauraceae, Cupressaceae, Podocarpaceae, and Taxaceae.

    Northern Indochina subtropical forests


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