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  • noun Plural form of Achaemenid.


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  • Alexander, Mr. Briant declares, was neither a visionary multiculturalist nor a deranged killer: "Simply, he governed like a statesman, using the administrative traditions previously adopted and adapted by the Achaemenids, as well as introducing some Graeco- Macedonian innovations."

    The Greatest of Them All

  • The Achaemenids, a Persian dynasty whose rule had stretched from the Aegean to the Hindu Kush, had demonstrated in unprecedented fashion just how vast an empire might be.

    The Greatest of Them All

  • There are also the rock cut tombs of Achaemenids Artaxerxes 2nd and 3rd, one of whom was the husband of Queen Esther. (we'll never be sure which it was).

    Eric Lurio: Notes on the Iran/Persia Conflict: A Travelogue -- Part Four

  • The Sassanid Empire went back to the idea of a united Aryan nation as it was before the Medes and the Achaemenids Empires.

    The US Government and Kurds

  • Susa was an ancient city in the Elamite, Achaemenids, Parthian and Sasanian dynastic empires of Iran, located about 150 miles east of the Tigris River in Iranian province of Khuzestan.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • The highways of the Achaemenids — yes, and which before them had trembled to the tramplings of the myriads of the godlike Dravidian conquerors.

    The Metal Monster

  • The Achaemenids had not acquired a multiethnic empire by waging holy war.

    The Battle of Salamis

  • In the early 7th century, one of their chiefs, Achaemenes (Hakhamanish) founded a dynasty, the Achaemenids, and won independence from the Neo-Elamite kings.

    d. The Medes and the Persians

  • Most of its vast gold and silver coin collection, which spanned the nation's history from the Achaemenids in the sixth century B.C. through the Islamic period, has been looted.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • Herodotus says, did not invariably function as religious counsellors to the Achaemenids.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas


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