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  • adjective Of or pertaining to Acmeism, a transient poetic school in Russia in the early 1900s.
  • noun An Acmeist poet, a member of the Acmeist school.


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  • Anna Akhmatova had been in her youth one of the 'Acmeist' poets, along with her husband Gumilev and Mandelstam.

    Poems with a Heroine

  • I held while Valerii Yakovlevich Briusov, Russian Neo-Acmeist and the only poet with four i's in his name, read from his justifiably-obscureoeuvre.

    A Session With My Poetry Coach

  • Zenkevich (A poet, formerly with Mandelstam, an Acmeist, now a loyal servant of the regime)


  • Zenkevich, onetime poet and former Acmeist colleague of Mandelstam; now a servant of the regime.

    IN THE JAWS OF KRONOS * Act I , scene 3

  • Acmeist movement in Russia with her husband, the poet Gumilev, and Osip

    Anna Akhmatova

  • Respect for the Word was a Acmeist principle and Akhmatova is seen as a true keeper of the Word:

    Anna Akhmatova

  • Her poetry is associated primarily with the Acmeist school, which advocates short lyrical poems phrased simply, clearly and melodically, reminiscent of a painting with rapid brush strokes and a fragile, aesthetic line.

    Elisheva Bichovsky.

  • I found press citations and argued for keeping the Jitterbug telephone, a large-keyed cell phone with a soft earpiece for elder callers; and Vladimir Narbut, a minor Russian Acmeist poet whose second book, Halleluia, was confiscated by the police; and Sara Mednick, a San Diego neuroscientist and author of Take a Nap!

    The Charms of Wikipedia

  • 'Poetry is power,' Osip Mandelstam once said to Anna Akhmatova, thinking of the extraordinary destiny of the Acmeist movement to which the two had belonged.

    Mandelstam's Power

  • “My poetry is brief, a cloud in the sky,” in Elisheva’s words; nonetheless, she also incorporates anti-Acmeist elements, for example, a longing for the mysterious and dreamlike, or a reference to Symbolist expressions.

    Elisheva Bichovsky.


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