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  • proper n. A taxonomic class within the superclass Osteichthyes — the ray-finned fish.


From the New Latin prefix actino- + Ancient Greek πτέρυξ (pteruks, "wing"). (Wiktionary)


  • These include ray-finned fish subclass Actinopterygii, "new-finned" fish Neopterygii, Messel garfish Atractosteus strausi, Messel bowfin Cyclurus ( 'Amia') kehreri, Archaic knife-fish Thaumaturus intermedius, Messel eel Anguilla ignota, high-backed predatory Messel perch Amphiperca multiformes, and double-finned Messel perch Palaeoperca proxima.

    Messel Pit fossil site, Germany

  • Actinopterygii consists of the the ray-finned fish, which makes up most of the species of

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  • By integrating phylogenetics of novel vtg transcripts from old and modern teleosts with syntenic analyses of all available genomic variants of non-metatherian vertebrates we identify the gene orthologies between the Sarcopterygii (tetrapod branch) and Actinopterygii (fish branch).

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  • The vertebrate vtg gene cluster existed prior to the separation of Sarcopterygii from Actinopterygii >

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  • And a cabinet-level Secretary of the Actinopterygii.


  • Actinopterygii consists of the the ray-finned fish, which makes up most of the species of Osteichthyes (about 27,000 species).

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  • We here report on a comparative investigation of the genetic variation, base composition, presence of indels, and selection in Rag1 in different vertebrate lineages (Actinopterygii, Amphibia,

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