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  • proper noun The largest airline in Russia.


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From Russian Аэрофлот (Aeroflót) - аэро- + флот "air fleet"


  • The next morning, frantic to make a 12:30 pm flight to New York, then a 5:00 pm to Moscow, I called Aeroflot once again only to understand that they could not secure a seat for me on their 11:30 pm flight to Yerevan, which flies daily, as all seats were booked.

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  • "When I called Aeroflot immediately to address the problem, I was told the name cannot be changed, and that a note regarding the misspelling was placed in the record and that my wife should have no problem."

  • Mention the name Aeroflot and most Western travellers will recoil in horror, conjuring up images of rusting Soviet food and a service ethos reminiscent of the days when ... - Articles related to Marcus Trescothick's sacrifice proves sport's biggest tests are often in the mind

  • The Aeroflot was a special craft, similar to the Presidential E4 747 Doomsday Plane which the late and last president of the U.ited States, succeeded by Samuel Chambers and U. S.II, had not been able to use even to save his own life let alone direct a successful war effort.

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  • Some of the British news media questioned the older Lebedev's independence from the Kremlin early this year, after the airline Aeroflot, which is primarily government-owned, agreed to buy back his stake in the company.

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  • The present transport minister Igor Levitin holds key positions in the management of both Sheremetevo airport and Aeroflot, which is based there, so there is little chance that transport engineers will be able to give the matter their objective consideration.

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  • A fuselage piece of a Boeing-737-500 with the companys name Aeroflot, partly seen, lies at the crash ...

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  • The "Aeroflot" building was planned by architect D. Chechulin to the glory of Soviet aviation.

    Gothic Stalinist Soviet Skyscrapers

  • Sections of the plane's fuselage reading "Aeroflot" and "Boeing" lay askew on the rails.


  • Parts of the plane's fuselage reading "Aeroflot" and "Boeing" lay askew on the rails, along with clothing, life preservers and engine parts.

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