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  • adj. Centered or focused on Africa or African peoples, especially in relation to historical or cultural influence: "a string of small black-owned art galleries in Los Angeles's Afrocentric cultural district” ( Kristal Brent Zook).


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  • The term "Afrocentric" means exactly what the name implies, "African centered" as opposed to the Eurocentric foundation on which westerncivilization was built.

    Afrocentrism for Dummies (and other Conservatives)

  • No one knows exactly how many schools describe themselves as "Afrocentric" although educators agree that the number is growing, especially in inner-city neighborhoods where parents and community activists push for change.

    A Is For Ashanti, B Is For Black ...

  • After seeing the movie, many kids will just want to rush out and buy the clothes predicts Eric Ellison, a psychology major who runs an "Afrocentric" bookstore at Michigan State University and refuses to stock the X caps.

    Malcolm X

  • Or that as an adult Obama joined an overtly black racist church run by the "Afrocentric" wingnut Jeremiah Wright.

    Mitt Romney on "Meet the Press."

  • Steve Janke - you know him as Angry in the Great White North - has a piece in today's National Post about "Afrocentric" educational theories infecting schools in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

    Daimnation!: Edu-quackery comes to Canada

  • Almost all current writing about Africa depends on a blend of Joseph Conrad and Evelyn Waugh: the brooding, throbbing stagnation of the Congo and the sinister farce of egomaniacal "Afrocentric" politics.

    African Gothic

  • Giving your child an "Afrocentric" name is saddling them with a statistical nightmare scenario of involvement with law enforcement.

    Latest Articles

  • But at the same time, African-American men convicted of crimes receive stiffer sentences the darker their skin and the more "Afrocentric" their facial features.

    The Full Feed from

  • This network, named the "South Shore African Village Collaborative" was thoroughly "Afrocentric" in orientation.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • The millions of dollars he poured through Bill Ayers into things like "Afrocentric" public education in Chicago was certainly all about cultural politics.



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