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  • Species of the Australian Myrtaceae and Casuarinaceae families predominate, and conifers such as Agathis, Podocarpus, and Dacrydium are abundant.

    Sundaland heath forests

  • At an elevation of 1,200 m, the Foya Mountains to the west are dominated by Araucaria cunninghammii, Podocarpus neriifolius, Agathis labillardieri, Calophyllum, and Palaquium.

    Northern New Guinea montane rain forests

  • Currently, the wet evergreen lowland forests in the northwest of Halmahera are exploited by logging companies, primarily for the valuable damar trees (Agathis).

    Halmahera rain forests

  • New Zealand's forests have been greatly depleted, but, of the remaining forests, the most impressive are those of giant New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis), which are restricted to the far north.

    Biological diversity in New Zealand

  • In the Central Range and Sepik foothills, extensive stands of Agathis labillardieri support a highly diverse epiphytic fauna.

    Northern New Guinea lowland rain and freshwater swamp forests

  • A valuable resin, known as Manila copal, is collected from Agathis dammara trees.

    Palawan rain forests

  • Upper montane forest trees include Agathis philippinensis, Dacrydium pectinatum, Podocarpus polystachyus, Gnetum latifolium, Cycas wadei, Cinnamomum rupestre, Nepenthes philippinensis, and Angiopteris spp.

    Palawan rain forests

  • In the northern part of the region the characteristic kauri pine species segregate into altitudinal zones - Agathis robusta being replaced by A. microstachya and A. atropurpurea with increasing elevations.

    Queensland tropical rain forests

  • Complex types with emergent kauri pines (Agathis spp.) typically occur on the western and northern fringes of the main rainforest massif on granite and metamorphic foothills and uplands.

    Queensland tropical rain forests

  • The Hunstein Range-B├╝rgers Mountain-Schatteburg, Mt. Giluwe-Tari Gap-Doma Peaks CPD in PNG contains more than 2,500 vascular plant species and extensive stands of Agathis labillardieri and associated epiphytic flora.

    Central Range montane rain forests


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