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  • adjective Alternative form of aggadic.


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  • Aggadic texts, on the other hand, may play with the notion of mistaken identity, as in the famous story of Rabbi Yohanan and Resh Lakish in which the latter mistakes the former for a woman because he does not have a beard (Bava Mezia 84a; see Boyarin 1993, 215 and 1997, 127 – 144, Levinson, 128 – 129).

    Gender Identity In Halakhic Discourse.

  • Aggadic traditions about the infertility of the biblical matriarchs also express ambivalence about the option of divorce and stress the efficacy of prayer and the necessity of faith in God.

    Infertile Wife in Rabbinic Judaism.

  • Studies in the Spiritual World of the Aggadic Story (Hebrew).

    Rachel, Wife of Rabbi Akiva.

  • ISAAC There is an Aggadic tradition from around the 4th century that Isaac, at the moment Abraham was about to sacrifice him on Moriah, saw the antechambers of the Throne.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • The Torah, the 5 books of Moses, is Aggadic as well as Halakhic.

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  • Tosefta (especially those of Zevachim and Menachot), Babylonian Talmud, Jerusalem Talmud, and few Aggadic teachings.

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  • The Web of Life — Folklore in Rabbinic Literature: The Palestinian Aggadic Midrash Eikhah Rabbah (Hebrew).



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