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  • proper noun A male given name.


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Transliteration of Hebrew אהרן (Ahărōn).


  • In 1913, a year after she moved to Palestine, Maimon became an active member of Ha-Po’el ha-Za’ir, the non-Marxist workers’ movement of the Yishuv, whose members included most of the writers and philosophers of the Labor movement, such as Aharon David Gordon (1856 – 1922), Joseph Hayyim Brenner (1881 – 1921), Devorah Baron and Joseph Aharonovitch (1877 – 1937).

    Ada Maimon (Fishman).

  • It's directed by a former film critic, Aharon Kesheles, and his likewise cinephiliac accomplice Navot Papushado, who know the slasher terrain well enough to rig it with booby-traps that detonate expectations—not unlike the hidden perils that await the unfortunate teens.

    A Delectable First Course of Foreign Films

  • Aharon Appelfeld, for example (I've just finished reading his All Whom I Have Loved), often breaks his generally short narratives into quite short chapters, but these chapters are not simply links in a glittery chain of events.

    Writing and Publishing

  • Most discussion of the work of Israeli novelist Aharon Appelfeld eventually focuses on Appelfeld's status as a "Holocaust writer," even if it is acknowledged that in his novels the deportation of European Jews to the death camps and to their murder there is not directly depicted, nor are the horrors experienced there by those who managed to escape or survive their attempted murder explicitly recalled, rarely even mentioned.

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  • The story is narrated by Paul Rosenfeld, another of the fictional stand-ins for the young Aharon Appelfeld that we find in numerous Appelfeld novels, and the experiences he relates again seem variations on the essential core of experience Appelfeld brought with him when he managed to emigrate to Israel a year after the war ended.

    Translated Texts

  • If Kafka is a touchstone in understanding the work of Aharon Applefeld, then something like this focus on texture, on the imaginatively concrete, must be true of Appelfeld's fiction as well.

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  • Jerusalem's police chief, Aharon Franco, said the bomb had been placed in a small bag at a phone booth on the sidewalk.

    Fatal blast in Jerusalem arouses fear of terrorism

  • Jerusalem District Police Commander Aharon Franco told reporters a search is on for those responsible.

    At Least 1 Dead After Bombing Near Jerusalem Bus

  • Over at Omphalos, Aharon Varady considers the possible relationship between Charles Bonnet Syndrome and a Talmudic method for seeing Mazikin (harmful spirits, ie. demons).

    Boing Boing

  • Lieberman added that [former chief justice] Aharon Barak once said that a democracy does not need to kill itself to prove its vitality.

    Matthew Yglesias » Arab Parties Back In


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