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  • proper n. The god of depths, water, and fishing in Finnish mythology.
  • proper n. A goddess in Egyptian mythology.


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  • You might recall that Skype was developed by Estonian developers Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn, who had also originally developed the peer-to-peer file sharing software Kazaa.

    Jim Luce: Skype Interview with Josh Silverman on Haiti and Bettering Humanity

  • Stories like 'The New Houses' or 'Ahti laughs' derive their origin from the new environment: a row of recently and poorly constructed tenement houses, filled with large working-class families, gypsies, alcoholics, social casualties and rootless people from all over post-war Finland.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • He who stands well with Ahti is soon a rich man, but one must beware in dealing with him, for he is very changeful and touchy.

    The Lilac Fairy Book

  • She had good ears, and had laid to heart the story about Ahti.

    The Lilac Fairy Book

  • Then the Odil, then the Adrn, then the Wars, then the Ahti, then the Wbna.

    Eaters Of The Dead

  • _Ahti_, the Finnish sea god, otherwise called _Lemmink√§inen_; or the husband invoked the aid of charms, as at his work he recited how

    Through Finland in Carts

  • Ahti answered: 'I have well repaid the scorn of the Northland maidens, for I have brought the fairest of them with me in my sledge.

    Finnish Legends for English Children

  • So Ahti became a shepherd, and spent all the days on the hills, but in the evenings he went to their dances, and when he had shown them what a skilful dancer he was, he soon became a great favourite with all the women, and they began to praise him instead of laughing at him.

    Finnish Legends for English Children

  • At length she bade him tell her, then, what his trouble was, and he replied: 'All the men of Northland are sharpening their swords and spears to kill thy unlucky son Ahti, for I have slain the host of Pohjola, Louhi's husband, in a quarrel, and the men of

    Finnish Legends for English Children

  • Then Ahti said: 'If I were in a fine castle I would conjure up the most wonderful feasts and sing the grandest songs you have ever heard.'

    Finnish Legends for English Children


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