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  • proper noun A surname.


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From Japanese 芥川 (あくたがわ, Akutagawa).


  • Through the fluttering of his heart he recalled Akutagawa-san's one bit of advice: to take a daydream and ride it home.

    The Miko

  • It seems to me that the Akutagawa is a real hit or miss prize, which is too bad since it’s considered to be one of the most important and prestigious ones.

    Néojaponisme » Blog Archive » Tsui no sumika

  • In the story, the night sky has two moons and though it is a work of fiction at the same time, there is a mixture of elements that are easily relatable to specific groups (such as the Red Army, Yamagishism, Aum Shinrikyo, Jehovah's Witnesses) or events in the real word such as when they gave the Akutagawa Prize to a young woman writer (Lisa Wataya or Hitomi Kanehara?) etc.

    Global Voices in English » Japan: ‘1Q84′, the new bestseller by Haruki Murakami

  • Oolong (ã ‚ ¦ ーロン) (July 28, 1994 †January 7, 2003), named after the oolong variety of tea, was the name of a domestic rabbit owned by photographer Hironori Akutagawa.

    It\’s true | My[confined]Space

  • Oolong was a well known Internet phenomenon, through a large number of photographs posted by Akutagawa on his website.

    It\’s true | My[confined]Space

  • Oolong attracted attention because Akutagawa had trained the rabbit to balance objects on his head, an art called “Head Performance” by his owner.

    It\’s true | My[confined]Space

  • Soon, Akutagawa had the rabbit balance a variety of things on his head, including tea cups, bread, fruit, pancakes (actually dorayaki), and even a rabbit skull.

    It\’s true | My[confined]Space

  • In response, Akutagawa wrote in a message to website visitors: Some visitors have written me e-mails, accusing me of being cruel to my rabbit and that I am abusing my pet.

    It\’s true | My[confined]Space

  • I have always liked the Akutagawa story. jeff vandermeer says:

    Weirdies, Weirding On…

  • Ry? nosuke Akutagawa, short story writer who committed suicide young

    Dead hard disks in Japan


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