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  • King of Yugoslavia (1921–1934) who unified the peoples of Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia (1929) and was assassinated by Croatian separatists.
  • King of Serbia (1889–1903) whose efforts to increase his power at the expense of the national assembly led to his assassination.
  • Czar of Russia (1801–1825) whose plans to liberalize his country's government were forestalled by wars with Napoleon I.

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  • noun the czar of Russia whose plans to liberalize the government of Russia were unrealized because of the wars with Napoleon (1777-1825)


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  • According to their accounts a reaction took place at that time in Russia also, and the chief culprit was Alexander I, the same man who according to them was the chief cause of the liberal movement at the commencement of his reign, being the savior of Russia.

    War and Peace

  • Alexander I, the man who stood at the head of the countermovement from east to west.

    War and Peace

  • Tolstoy writes at the end of "War and Peace" a 50-page long essay which I waded through once many years ago, in which he argues that the individual didn't matter, that Napoleon didn't matter, that the czar, Alexander I, did not matter, that the tides of history go on regardless and they are too big for one individual to handle.

    Our Country: The Shaping of America from Roosevelt to Reagan

  • Another legend tells that this very snuff-box was used to kill the Emperor Paul, whose son and successor, Alexander I, knew of the conspiracy and, according to Mr. Nabokov's criteria, should then also be called a "forerunner of Stalin" (as many other Russian and foreign monarchs in similar circumstances).

    Cranberry Sauce

  • Passing from a life of luxury and pleasure to a life of penitence and asceticism, singularly blending worldliness and piety, opening her salon with prayer, and adding a new sensation to the gay life of Paris, this adviser of Alexander I, and friend of Benjamin

    The Women of the French Salons

  • For Alexander I had begun to feel a sincere affection.

    Princess Zara

  • Anastasius says that Alexander I, who was Pope in 108 "appointed that water for sprinkling should be blessed with salt in private houses."

    The Ceremonies of the Holy-Week at Rome

  • Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Alexander I, a freshly self-proclaimed dictator, declared it on October 1929.

    Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

  • The Culdee monasteries were dying out; north of the Forth, Scone had been founded by Alexander I as a pioneer of the new civilization, and, after the defeat of Malcolm MacHeth and the settlement of Moray, David, in 1150, founded the Abbey of Kinloss.

    An Outline of the Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707)

  • Edgar died in January, 1106-7, and his brother and successor, Alexander I, espoused an Anglo-Norman,

    An Outline of the Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707)


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