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  • proper n. : A yellow supergiant in the constellation Perseus; Alpha (α) Persei.
  • proper n. : A variable star in the constellation Pegasus; Gamma (γ) Pegasi. It forms one corner of the square of Pegasus.


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From Arabic الجانب (al-jānib) "the side".


  • Extend the line from Markab to Algenib over twice its length and beyond the left of our chart towards the conspicuous mag -2.8 planet Jupiter, now nearing is brightest and best at opposition on 29 October in Aries.

    Starwatch: The Pegasus Hour

  • Bobby Harper spent his childhood stalking the caves of Epsilon Indi V, playing with the raincats of Menkar VII, building castles in the purple sands of Beta Algenib III, and helping his mother catalogue the artifacts of over a thousand cultures within and beyond the Federation.

    The Pandora Principle

  • Note a dull red star near Algol, and a pretty pair just above Algenib.

    A Field Book of the Stars

  • Algenib never sets in the latitude of New York, just touching the horizon at its lower culmination.

    A Field Book of the Stars

  • Algenib and Algol form with γ Andromedæ, a right-angled triangle.

    A Field Book of the Stars

  • Algenib in Perseus and Almaach and Algol in Andromeda form a right-angled triangle, illustrate the 47th problem, and display the

    Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

  • Pegasus actually supplies only three stars of the Great Square: Markab, Scheat and Algenib.

  • Album: Memoirs at the End of the World Song: Girl from Algenib

    NPR Topics: News

  • a certain Place, as soon as the Star _Algenib_ should make its

    Zadig Or, The Book of Fate


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