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  • proper n. A female given name - The Latinized form of Alice


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A Latinization of Alice, which is in turn from the Germanic Adalheidis (from the Germanic *adal, meaning noble, and *heid, meaning type), via the Old French Adelais, via Old High German.


  • alicia – yes, i do. should that be our little sue cover band name? on February 2, 2010 at 6:00 pm Alicia

    Music Round Up! Week 4 « Teachergoesbacktoschool's Blog

  • While Peter's campaign continues to struggle under the pressure of many things going wrong at the same time, Alicia is suspected of an ethics violation that could present another major challenge to the campaign on "The Good Wife" (CBS at 10).

    TV highlights

  • The first, vastly enjoyable sign that Alicia is something other than mindlessly supportive comes after the requisite press conference, when she gives him the kind of roundhouse slap such husbands so richly deserve.

    Julianna Margulies marries strength, smarts in 'Good Wife'

  • Alicia is jealous and possessive, even though she knows she has no claims on Will.

    The Good Wife Exclusive: Who Will Alicia Choose?

  • “[Alicia] is with the man who has inspired so much of her music and her album [The Element of Freedom],” another friend told Us of Beatz back in January.

    Alicia Keys Is Pregnant! «

  • She adopted the name Alicia by the time she was married to actor Cecil Ramsey in Kensington in 1891.

    Guy Ramsey

  • Alicia is very busy, teaching, running a soap company and working as an in-demand speaker/author.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • Soap and the Finer Things in Life: Alicia is here today! skip to main | skip to sidebar

    Alicia is here today!

  • Alicia is starting her soapmaking class at 1 p.m. and there is one slot open if you'd like to learn from a soapmaking master.

    Alicia is here today!

  • Alicia is a good wife, and she understands what I want to accomplish in my career.

    'Blitzburgh' Cardinals? Focus new in Arizona


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