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  • "Alienation" is a word one almost never hears from them.

    The Organization Kid

  • "Alienation" is a word one almost never hears from them.

    The Organization Kid

  • Alienation is found also in work, when it is organized so as to ensure maximum returns and profits with no concern whether the worker, through his own labour, grows or diminishes as a person, either through increased sharing in a genuinely supportive community or through increased isolation in a maze of relationships marked by destructive competitiveness and estrangement, in which he is considered only a means and not an end. (par 41)

    About that social encyclical...

  • Alienation is a reason for one character to kill his girlfriend, and the answer to why the rest of a small circle of friends would stay quiet about it.

    Eric’s Top 10 Alienated Youth Movies » Scene-Stealers

  • Alienation is a problem of mine and I know a lot of other people share this too.

    Emerson's Impersonality & Why I Dislike It

  • Alienation is not automatic proof of the justice of one's cause.

    i'm just saying

  • Alienation is transferred, in a sense, to Susie's parents and siblings.

    The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold: Questions

  • LAH (voice-over): Friedman and his lawyers came across an Illinois law called the Alienation of Affections Act and sued German Blinov for stealing his wife's affections.

    CNN Transcript Jul 10, 2007

  • Classix case of Culture Clash is aLL, OutSider Syndrome, and "Alienation" From the Crew, due to Differences in Perceived "authority" of the OutSiDER, Young at that, not to mention, they probably just wanted to Undermine his Power & authority as the Ad CrackneLL tried...he's the Reason why the "troops" rallied against Cameron's every move...

    How James Cameron Put Down a Mutiny on the Set of Aliens | /Film

  • They can be grouped into four categories such as Alienation, Monetary, Ideology, Society, and Free Choice

    The News is - The News is Now Public


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